Small Project Support

Are you building a game using GameMaker: Studio or GameMaker Studio 2?

Having trouble implementing a feature? Don’t know where to start?

If you’re a beginner with some coding experience just starting a new project, we’ll assist you free of charge.¬†We’ll help you round out the core loop, finish your minimum viable product, and get started on iteration.

We love to share our expertise, and we want to see more indie games built in this outstanding engine.

Just remember to give us a nod in the credits.


Large Projects

Do you have a larger game development project and want to partner with a development team who can plan and build complete systems? We’d love to help there too, time permitting.

We prefer small teams.

And we prefer projects that let us play with: state machines / artificial intelligence, emergent systems, and procedural content generation.

Fill out the form with some details below and we’ll respond as soon as possible.