About Us

About Us

Cat5Games was founded in October 2014.

Having stumbled upon an abundance of free time, Casey presented a business plan to a group of three friends. They would produce mobile games. The goal was to build asymmetrical cross-platform multiplayer games with time-gated progression and in-app transactions.

While searching for the fifth and final member of their team, and shortly after beginning work on their debut title — Puzzle Shop, the team collapsed.

Determined to continue on his own, Casey continued researching analytics-driven, IAP centric models… and realized that those games are evil.

So he began work on a smaller, single-player project (based on a Lost Garden prototyping challenge), and Cat Goes Fishing was born.

An active community of fans and a dedication to providing always-free DLC has increased the game’s popularity year over year, and recently he has been able to dedicate his attention to game development full time.

Fans can look forward to the final CGF update later this year and a sequel arriving early 2019: Cat Goes To Space.

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